Diabetes Legs and Foot | Help stop the pain in legs and Foot

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Diabetes Legs and Foot | Help stop the pain in legs and Foot
Diabetes Leg swelling can be from the Drugs or The illness, it can cost you the leg.
Diabetes Leg swelling can be from the Drugs or The illness, it can cost you the leg.

There is a very dangerous warning that comes with diabetes swollen legs, the diabetic drug Actos may be causing this very serious problem or it may be the effects of the high blood sugar. High glucose is a poison in the bloodstream and any swelling in the leg can be the first step towards losing the limb, this is a very serious problem that must not be ignored. If you have diabetes swollen legs can be a sign of heart troubles from the illness or medications like Actos.

The Medication or the illness?

The diabetic blood sugar drug Actos has been recently slapped with a crucial "black box warning" what this essential means is that the drug has been doing so very damaging things in the body. The warning is due to swelling in the limbs which can indicate heart damage, limbs that swell almost always indicate that the heart has been effected. What medical researchers have learned over the last 10 years is that diabetic drugs are dangerous to the heart, the drug Avandia was causing limb swellings, heart disease and then death. The drug was a blockbuster 5 billion dollar profit pill from the maker Glaxo Smith Kline but has since been banned in Europe and the USA(limited ban). Diabetes swollen legs from drugs like Actos, Avandia or others are signs of heart damage, swelling (Edema) is an indication that the heart valve is being effected.

Is it the illness?

High blood sugar is a very debilitating illness that can cost you the limb, each year limbs are removed due to the damaging effects of high blood sugar, if you are experiencing problems in the limbs you must address the problem today, never wait. In the case of Avandia the families of the people who died of heart disease were originally told that the high blood sugar caused the deaths but doctors and researchers later discovered that ? it was the drug that caused the deaths not the high blood sugar. Swollen legs from high blood sugar from the the drugs like Actos can lead to a heart attack, this is a wake up call to the seriousness of the illness.

Researchers: Both drugs cause heart attack

Researchers stated last year that Actos is just as dangerous and deadly as Avandia (the banned drug)

Jenny Gunton, a diabetes researcher at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Commented o research finding on the heart risk of Actos

"It just maybe increases the worry of using either of the drugs,"
Over 80% of people who had a leg removed due to diabetes swollen legs could have saved the limb had they addressed the condition immediately.

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